An argument between patrons ejected from a Colorado Springs bar early Saturday ended with a shooting that killed a Fort Carson GI, court papers show.

Soldier Kendrick James, 22, died and a woman, Autumn Santos was shot in the leg in the incident. Dwight Gordon, 27, also known as “Shorty” was arrested Saturday in the killing.

Police tracked down Gordon hours after the 1 a.m. shooting outside Golden Cue Nightclub in southeast Colorado Springs. They were led to Gordon by James’ girlfriend, who witnessed the shooting and knew Gordon, too, court papers said.

Officers were called to Golden Cue, 2790 E. Hancock Expressway, after reports of a fight. Police say the fight started when someone hit one of James’s friends. James was going after the man who threw the punch, witnesses said, when bouncers intervened and pushed the combatants outside.

Witnesses say the argument continued in the parking lot and Gordon pulled a pistol and fired a round.

James confronted the shooter and was felled by a second shot, witnesses said.

James and Santos were driven in a private car to Fort Carson, where they were stopped at the gate. Guards told police that James was dead when he arrived and Santos had a leg wound.

Police spent hours interviewing bar patrons including a woman identified James’ girlfriend, who identified the shooter by his nickname and led police to his apartment, which she had visited earlier in the week.

Police staked out the apartment and tried to nab Gordon when he left in a car. Officers said Gordon ran away from the traffic stop and was found later hiding in bushes.

Gordon denied involvement in the shooting, but police say he was picked out by eyewitnesses, court papers said.

Gordon was held without bail Monday, pending the filing of formal charges.