The history of Old Colorado City was celebrated Friday by the Old Colorado City Historical Society, which is introducing an addition to the group’s museum to show visitors and community members the rich and interesting history of the city. A new Visitor Information Center will supply information about the various shops and locations on the westside. Volunteers will give tours of the town and tell audiences accounts of the area.

The society opened the center in the History Center building at 1 S. 24th St. with a ribbon cutting Friday.

“As a historical society we want to make sure people stop and ask ‘What’s here?’ ” said Gerry Murphy, who is the Old Colorado City membership development chair. He says the new center will also have information on the various stores and attractions in Old Colorado City and where to park.

The Old Colorado City Historical Society is a non-profit organization formed in 1976 with more than 300 members whose aim is to preserve the historical significance and culture of the city.

The History Center maintains a public research library and museum that is open 5 days a week.

The visitor center, stationed in the museum, is more like a “station,” with volunteers dressed in railroad attire. St. Mary’s High School students will be able to volunteer there for the 150 hours they need to graduate, and so will students from Coronado High School. The society plans to include more high schools in the program, and all volunteers are welcome to participate.

“This is a Wild West town, with a history of prostitution and gambling.” Murphy said, describing what sounded like a scene from a Larry McMurtry novel. “We’re going to tell visitors about the people who founded the city. We want them to stop by and spend their time with us.”

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