Noted TV host Jane Pauley brought her NBC Today show, “Your Life Calling” to Colorado Springs on Thursday.

The subject? Springs resident Jan Erickson, 62, who started a clothing line nine years ago geared to the elderly and handicapped.

Pauley’s show, sponsored by AARP, spotlights people older than 50 who have “reinvented” themselves in some way.

“I want to draw attention that she (Erickson) is ... in the professional prime of her career,” Pauley said.

Erickson’s line, Janska, started with an investment siphoned from Jan and her husband’s retirement funds. Erickson had no background in apparel. The idea for the company evolved from a dream, after which she began work on designing a jacket that a disabled friend could wear comfortably. The line has since evolved into easy-to-wear, comfortable offerings in both “wellness” and “fashion” categories.

“The mission: style and comfort. I think all women are looking for that,” Erickson said.

Pauley, co-host of the Today Show from 1976 to 1989, found out about Erickson from a couple she had previously interviewed.

She said Erickson’s “probably the most colorful story we’ve done so far.”

The NBC recording will air on the Today Show on June 12th.