CHIVINGTON — Josh and Therisa Brown had been warned that conditions were perfect for a tornado and so they stayed up until 2 a.m. watching the sky.

About 30 minutes after they finally went to bed, the roof blew off their trailer home.

"I could see the sky above me," Therisa said. "My daughters' bloodcurdling screams told me it was real and not a dream."

Therisa and Josh ran to where Savannah, 3, and Cheyenne, 1, were sleeping and grabbed the girls, by now drenched by punishing rain, and took them back to the other bedroom.

They heard the screams of their friend, Lindsey Snider, who was trapped in the living room under one of the trailer's walls. As they lifted the wall off of Snider they could hear the tornado bearing down on them again. All five of them ran to the tiny bathroom and huddled in the tub.

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