“Good Morning America” had new meaning for Comcast subscribers Thursday morning — for better or worse, depends who you ask. In fact, the “boob tube” was true to its name, when pornography briefly appeared on KRDO/Channel 13.

In a statement, Comcast “sincerely apologized” for the programming interruption, saying it was attempting to correct a technical issue, which caused a series of channels to appear on the local ABC affiliate.

If you were tuning in to see Jon Karroll and Vida Urbonas, as Clay Clarkson was, you probably just saw static.

“I usually watch ‘Good Morning America,’ and the channel was flickering, so I flipped to another channel,” said Clarkson, a recent subscriber to Comcast. “When I flipped back, hardcore pornography was showing on the channel.”

For more than two hours, viewers saw religious programming and also brief periods of the ION network, normally found on Channel 26. The porn was shown only for a matter of seconds, but caught some off-guard.

Clarkson said he called the cable company immediately, and a customer service representative told him they were aware of the glitch.

“The issue was a result of human error which has been resolved,” Comcast spokesperson Cindy Parsons said.

Clarkson wasn’t the only subscriber to notice. Several others posted comments about the unwelcome sight on KRDO’s Facebook page.

“Of course, we are extremely upset that Comcast would air this material instead of our KRDO material,” KRDO General Manager Tim Larson said.

Staff told Larson the technical problems seemed to begin around 4:15 a.m.

“We are sure the offending material didn’t come from us (KRDO),” Larson added.

The issue was isolated to Comcast cable customers.

“I know it’s a tech issue, but I want to know what happened, how it happened and that it won’t happen again,” Clarkson said.

Comcast said it’s taken measures to avoid a rerun.