Here's some of your reaction on Facebook and Twitter to reports of Peyton Manning joining the Denver Broncos:

- @jculy - can't wait to see the ball up in the air at Invesco. What's that look like?

- @jessebyrnes - ::running around office clapping hands and shouting::

- John Aldrich - lets hope not only if they are working for another team maybe. Get rid of Elway.

- Brian P. Warner - Tebow is Tebowing right about now.

- Pam Aldrich-Clemens - So they are going to throw Tebow under the bus? This is why I am not a Broncos fan!

- Erin Lobdell - First they say that Tim will probably be the starting QB for the coming season. Then, just because Manning comes along they'll throw Tebow away? I'm rethinking my like of this team.

- @Corey_Bondo - So if Tebow is god to broncos fans, who's Peyton? #fb

- @pikespeakmac - #Tebow can #Tebow elsewhere. Thank the maker! #Broncos

- @chriswigginton - Granted I live in Colorado, but I was following Tebow more than the Broncos.

- @BryceCrawford - For Broncos wide receivers, replacing Tebow with Manning must be like finding out your dad's actually Batman and your mom's Wonder Woman.

- @JulieAbel - Today just keeps getting better and better. Hello Peyton.

- @CarrieSBitz - they're out of their mind. Manning is a broken has-been w/ too big an ego to mentor an upcomer. It's a year solution, tops.

- @wreave - We should trade Tebow for a receiver. Wherever he's going won't need that many receivers anyway. Seriously, thx to TT and gl.

- @romejohn5 - Every #Broncos fan has got to be a huge #Colts fan. That now makes 2 Hall of Fame qb's they've given to us! #Manning #Elway cc: @dmac1043


More national reaction:

- @SteelPride43 - @ShannonSharpe Now the question is does @johnelway go after M. Wallace and pair him up with Manning.

- @JoshMidkirk - @johnelway we need to look into Dallas Clark now. He'll teach our young TE's and is still dangerous. #bronconation

- @MileHighMonday - I will always be a Tim Tebow fan and appreciate what he did for my Denver Bronco

- @FakeJohn Elway - Nailed it.