Should the federal government approve direct flights between Colorado Springs and Washington’s Reagan National Airport?


• Yes   95%

• No   5%


Total Votes: 119


Should schools serve ‘pink slime,’ which the USDA buys for them?


• Yes. It’s an affordable food source and I believe it is
safe.      24%

• No. It is disgusting to look at and should not be
served.   76%


Total Votes: 84


Should City Council reclaim control of Memorial Health System from the institution’s board of trustees?


• Yes   43%

• No   57%


Total Votes: 262


Should the Denver Broncos hire Peyton Manning as quarterback?


• Yes   43% 

• No    57%


Total Votes: 1,181 


Was Colorado’s Supreme Court right to allow concealed carry at the University of Colorado?


• Yes   87%

• No   13%


Total Votes: 533