Horizon Middle School teacher Liz Dalzell-Wagers will soon take a class at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and she'll be sharing the experience with her own students.

Dalzell-Wagers is one of 20 teachers selected from more than 400 applicants for the museum’s Western States Workshop for Educators. Dalzell-Wagers travels to Washington, D.C., March 1-3 to attend the workshop.

Teachers will use the museum's exhibitions as their primary classroom as they learn, with museum staff and scholars guiding participants as they explore questions or rationale, content and methodology in teaching about the Holocaust.

She plans to include her students as she learns, communicating with students through Skype and the class website during the workshop.

Dalzell-Wagers says she wants students to have a complete understanding of the Holocaust and its impact in the United States. Earlier this year, Dalzell-Wagers won a Falcon Education Foundation grant to support Horizon’s second Remembrance Ceremony. The grant funds a student field trip to an internment camp in southeastern Colorado.