Broadmoor Skating Club's team of Caydee Denney and John Coughlin placed second in the pairs competition at the Four Continents Championship at World Arena on Sunday.

The pair was behind the Chinese team of Wenjing Sui and Cong Han coming into Sunday's free skate and finished that way as did third-place Americans Rockne Brubaker (a former Broadmoor skater) and Mary Beth Marley.

Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the ice dancing competition with Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White second.

The event will wrap up with an exhibition at 7, on DIRECTV Channel 625.



Caydee Denney (Ocala, Fla., Panthers FSC) & John Coughlin (Kansas City, Mo., Kansas City FSC)

Train in Colorado Springs, Colo. – 2nd place – 185.42 (122.07, 63.35)

(Appeared a bit disappointed coming off ice) Coughlin: I wasn’t tired really at all going into our carry, I think I just was excited and I was a little quick. She didn’t even get a chance to jump. So I ended up doing it by myself, which is less than ideal.

(on season’s best) Coughlin: I think we’re only four or five points off of what we got at nationals which people always say is inflated, and we had some mistakes here. If we skate two good programs, we should do well internationally.

Denney: Obviously between nationals and Four Continents is a very tight gap so now we have some more time to really go and grow exponentially and focus on the program and little details.

(home ice) Denney: It felt great. Right before they called out names out, I was sort of taking it in the environment. It felt awesome. 

(on the free skate) Coughlin: We had a great time out there. I was talking to Rockne and we could feel the American presence in the crowd. It was fun to skate at home. We got a little excited at the end so we were off timing on the exit of the carry but we saved it pretty well. We felt strong. Like we said in short, we took a step in right direction to build toward Worlds. We still left points on the table.  We don’t want to lose what I call ‘fool proof’ points. We will get to work on our levels and performing together. We had fun and are happy with how it turned out.

(on the performance by the Chinese team) Coughlin: It bodes well for event to have a performance like that. The other day a member of the media said you can’t compare the European Championships to Four Continents but when teams are putting together performances like that, it strengthens the whole event and is positive for all the teams involved. It is great that the winning team here was so strong.

Coughlin: Personally, I’ve been fourth at this the past two years in a row. It’s nice to crack onto the podium.

Coughlin: We (U.S.) have a lot of work to do to be teams considered to be on podiums. We’re going to use this as motivation to go back and work. We’re really excited.

Denney: I think that with each time you go there you learn something. John and I being such a new pairs team, we just want to strengthen and grow, to put up a bigger score at Worlds and try to have a personal best there.





Mary Beth Marley (Downers Grove, Ill., DuPage FSC) & Rockne Brubaker (Algonquin, Ill., All Year FSC)

Train in Aliso Viejo, Calif.  – 3rd place – 178.89 points overall (116.47, 62.42)

Brubaker: Overall we were just really happy to be here. We’ve come a long way since last year. Mary Beth kind of jokingly said our season best was 88 at Skate America and today it was 116. There are some points we know we can easily get back. Our jumps and throws are usually pretty solid. We’re ready to get to work for Worlds.

(on the Chinese team) Brubaker What’s kind of neat about new system is you’re competing against yourself, not the other teams. You can be judged on your own skate and not everyone else’s. Congratulations to them (Chinese). For both U.S. teams we know there are points out there to get and maybe we can get out there and gain more for World championships.

 (on U.S. pairs competing on the World scene) Brubaker: We have to keep coming out every time as the U.S. teams together and keep proving to the world we are taking this seriously. We are trying to take a stand and be a world power as far as pairs goes. This is a good start. Before we went on the ice, I saw the American flags in the crowd. I told Mary Beth, “We’re competing for the U.S. today.” For both of us (teams) to skate well is important. It is good for us to have a few teams toward the top. Maybe the World will start looking at the U.S. more seriously. And we want that third spot.


Amanda Evora (Sugar Land, Texas, Southwest Florida FSC) & Mark Ladwig (Fargo, N.D. and Moorhead, Minn., Red River Valley FSC)

Train in Ellenton, Fla. – place – 167.99 points overall (107.24, 60.75)

(On the free skate) Evora: Of course it wasn’t our best skate but we did fight out there. It was interesting, the lights kind of turned off on us in the middle of the program but we didn’t let that affect us. We could tell that we were a little shaky going out there but we fought throughout the whole thing, knowing when you’re trained you’re allowed to do that. It had some good and some bad. What’s interesting is some of the things we usually don’t do so well we did well this time and some of the things we usually do well we didn’t do so well, so experience, always.


Wenjing Sui and Cong Han (CHN) – 1st place – 201.83 (135.08, 66.75)

We feel very excited. Maybe tonight we can’t sleep. I think later in the program there were a little nerves, but we feel we adjusted to our program. The throws were successful and we are very pleased. This is our first time to win a senior competition and we are happy and excited.

(planning on Junior Worlds and Worlds) Han: Sure. We will go to Junior Worlds and senior Worlds. We are excited for this chance.