Two recent Colorado College graduates finished their 110-day Colorado River Source to Sea trip on Monday. While most of the trip involved paddling, field researchers Will Stauffer-Norris and Zak Podmore also hiked stretches of dry riverbed to reach the Gulf of California.

The two, who graduated from CC in 2011, collected piles of information during the journey. This week, they are speaking to federal officials and others about their trip and the information gathered before they head back to Colorado.

However, the trip is only one part of Colorado College’s vast State of the Rockies project. The 2012 Report Card, including the final report from Stauffer-Norris and Podmore, will be presented at a conference April 8-11 at Colorado College, highlighting the Colorado River Basin. For more details, click here.

A Gazette story about the project, and the river trip, was written in November, click here