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LETTERS: Readers express anger over Lamborn's absense

By: ltr
January 24, 2012

Unqualified to hold office

Once again, Rep. Doug Lamborn has shown his constituency why he is wholly unqualified to hold office. Among many factual gaffes, he declared the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) a boondoggle last year; when in truth it creates jobs and brings a great deal of money to private industry in Colorado.

Thankfully, his more knowledgeable colleagues were able to take him aside and educate him and shut him up. Now, he’s going to take his marbles and go home and not attend the State of the Union address by President Obama in “protest” of his policies.

There is not one iota of good to be gained by continuing the rabid partisanship in Congress. In fact, I believe he’s doing this to get some press coverage which has been lacking from his ongoing lackluster representation. Please remember this at the polls this year. Vote Rep. Lamborn out of office — he’s not representing a single soul when he’s sitting home doing nothing on State of the Union night.

Ray Ingraham

Colorado Springs


Grow up or move on

If I own my own business, I can run it any way I see fit. If I am a member of a board of directors holding an annual meeting and I don’t attend, it affects the business. Doug Lamborn, you are not a sole proprietor. This is a corporation, and you were chosen to help lead it. Protesting in this manner is personal, not representative of what we the people want you to do as our representative. If you want to run your life and your business this way, get your own business. Shame on you for putting our state and city in the limelight for your personal response. Grow up or move on.

Janna Botello

Colorado Springs


We pay this negative man

Doug Lamborn does not like Obama, Obamacare, NPR, PBS, Head Start, meeting with his constituents in an uncontrolled setting, etc.

We pay this negative man to represent beautiful Colorado, and he can’t be bothered to represent us in Washington for the State of the Union address?

Do you want this person to be re-elected as our state representative? He is an embarrassment to Republicans and Democrats.

Ginny Biggie

Colorado Springs


Print some real news

Why does The Gazette waste its front page headline on Doug Lamborn’s divisive political silliness (“Lamborn boycotting speech in protest.....”) when there is so much more important news in the world? 

We all know that Lamborn has absolutely no respect whatsoever for President Obama — witness his infamous “Tar Baby” remarks, so why continue to promote this blatant racism? Shame on you Gazette, this was totally unworthy of a serious newspaper. Print some real news.

John Rogers

Colorado Springs


A step in the wrong direction

I am writing to express my dismay at Congressman Doug Lamborn’s boycott of the State of the Union address.

I find it very curious and disturbing that Lamborn is refusing to participate in an activity that is specifically called for in the Constitution. His attendance would not reflect endorsement of the content of the President’s speech. Instead, it would reflect deference to the Constitution and tradition, as well as being a fulfillment of his duties as a member of Congress.

To me, Lamborn’s expressed reasons are questionable — that the president will use his speech for campaign purposes and that Lamborn is upset with decisions the president has made. I think any member of Congress through history has felt the same about a State of the Union speech given by an incumbent president of the opposite party. Despite that, most have acted with the expected sense of responsibility and appeared. 

I respectfully remind Lamborn of a concept that he, as well as many political officeholders from both parties seem to have forgotten. That is, he represents all of the people in this district, including those of us who didn’t vote for him and don’t share his views on many subjects. We have a right to expect our representative to be present at this event.

A last reason for Lamborn to attend is to reflect something that many, if not most, people in both parties really want of Congress — a desire and willingness to work together to improve the condition of this country. Lamborn’s gesture appears to be more of what we’ve seen in the last couple years — intransigence.

In a Congress of over 500 members, representing a country of 300 million people, no one can get everything he or she wants on most issues. To move forward, there has to be a willingness to cooperate, to shape party goals in terms of the good of the nation, as opposed to pure political gain. I see a boycott of the State of the Union event as a step in the wrong direction.

Russ Hamilton

Colorado Springs


Represent at the speech

Please represent me and all the people you represent at the president’s address.

John Bathel

Colorado Springs

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