Doug Lamborn is no Boy Scout — that much we know.

The three-term Republican congressman proudly proclaimed Monday that he would boycott President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech, explaining that he does not agree with the president on broad spectrum of issues.

On the same day (!!!) Lamborn was grandstanding thusly, he sent a representative to a special ceremony held by Boy Scout Troop 187, which was honoring one of its own for life-saving courage — 11-year-old Eric Jordan Evans, who will join eight other Boy Scouts from around the country in meeting Obama in the Oval Office in February.

Watch a video of Barry talking about Lamborn and Eric Jordan Evans.

In 2010, when he was only 9, the stalwart Scout saved his grandmother’s life when she was struck by a huge limb that had been blown loose from a cottonwood tree. She suffered a severe gash to her head, but Jordan, as he likes to be called, took off his shirt, staunched the wound and summoned emergency help. Doctors later said she would have died without her grandson’s clear-headed response.

Jordan will help deliver to the president the Boy Scouts’ annual Report to the Nation.

Modest and poised beyond his years, Jordan told The Gazette, “I did what anybody could do and what anybody would have done.”

As for his visit to D.C., he said, I am looking forward to representing all my brothers in uniform.” He’s clearly excited about meeting the president, as many of us would be, and said “I’m a big fan.”

Lamborn’s press secretary, Jarred Rego, was on hand to say, “On behalf of Congressman Lamborn and his entire staff, I would like to congratulate Jordan on this extraordinary opportunity. This is something that will surely be a life-changing event for Jordan, and we are all proud to have a young man from the great state of Colorado represent us on a national stage.”

At 57, the sophomoric Lamborn clearly has less good sense than Jordan has. He congratulates a Boy Scout on his opportunity to meet the president while dissing the same man.

As we disagree with a president, we still respect the office. Lamborn wants you to respect his, for sure.

“There is a decorum, as a patriot, that is required,” said Robert Blaha, who wants to face Lamborn in a primary this year. “Even if you don’t respect the person, you have to respect the office. It’s not about being liberal or conservative, it’s about being an American.”

The U.S. Constitution requires the president to make a report to congress annually. This has evolved into the State of the Union message, which has become a big political opportunity for every president.

Our congressman is proud to be AWOL, but don’t worry — a heroic Boy Scout will represent us well next month.

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