Amy Nicoletto is a super star, but unless you speak tattoo, you’ve probably never heard of her.

Nicoletto, a tattoo artist featured on the TLC reality show “LA Ink,” will visit Nostalgia Tattoo Co., 118 N. Nevada Ave., Wednesday through Saturday, to create body art.

From noon to 6 p.m. Saturday, Nicoletto and the Nostalgia crew will be inking 1-inch cancer ribbon tattoos for a minimum donation of $20 each.

All proceeds go to The Children’s Hospital’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders and will be used for gift cards and other necessities for the families of patients staying at the hospital.

The fight against cancer has special meaning to Nostalgia Tattoo’s owner, Chet Adkins, who goes by the tattoo artist handle Mr. Scary. Adkins’s teenage son, Austin, is a three-year cancer survivor.

“As a parent, you would kill or die for your child, but when they get cancer, all you can do is trust the doctors who are trying to save your child’s life,” he said. “That helplessness in the face of such a traumatic illness can be crippling. But as a parent, when my son started to get his cancer treatment going and things were a little better, I realized there are many families in the same whirlwind.”

To help them out, Adkins and his wife, Kelly, created this fund-raising tattoo event.