The past few Decembers, Air Force coach Troy Calhoun has been linked to job vacancies. And every year, he has decided to stay with the Falcons.

The latest connection came after a Houston Chronicle report that Calhoun interviewed with Texas A&M. He indicated he hasn’t officially discussed a job opening with another school since at least June of 2009, when Lt. Gen. Mike Gould became superintendent at Air Force, and said he has no plans to leave Air Force.

“Since Gen. Gould and his staff (have) been here (I) have not talked with another place,” Calhoun said in a text message. “There’s strong commitment to standards, mission, and cadets of the Air Force Academy.

“Have been asked if I would interview with other places, but committed Academy coaches want to be with those we saw in high schools work and grow through the Academy and graduate.”

Last year, Calhoun put out a similar statement when it appeared the Denver Broncos would have initial interest in him to fill their coaching vacancy. Calhoun was rumored to be on the radar of Texas A&M, North Carolina and Kansas this offseason, but he won’t be going to any of those schools.

“It is nice,” Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh said. “I don’t have enough accolades to describe Troy Calhoun at Air Force.”

Mueh said Calhoun has passed on a raise this year, and asked that his assistants receive pay increases instead. Mueh said those raises are still being worked out. But Mueh wasn’t surprised Calhoun asked for his assistants to get more, because that’s been another constant at Air Force the past few Decembers.

“From Day 1 I wasn’t worried about the wins and losses,” Mueh said. “I just knew he was the right fit.”