A Fort Carson captain will try his hand at trivia Thursday evening on the game show "Jeopardy!," the show's producers have announced. 

Capt. Dan Kull, who commands the garrison's headquarters and headquarters company, will appear on the show at 6:30 p.m. Thursday when it airs on KKTV. 

Kull, a signal officer who served two tours in Iraq, wound up on the show after nailing an online quiz the show uses to net contestants. After an audition last summer, he was invited to Los Angeles for an October taping. 

The show pits contestants against each other in answering a trivia questions on a variety of topics. A trivia buff, Kull said he took the online test on a whim. 

"I didn't think or expect I would be on the show," said Kull, who holds degrees in economics and military history.

The show, hosted by Alex Trebek, is known for making contestants frame their answers in the form of a question. 

Kull, and the show's producers, won't say how the captain fared. Kull said he's excited that his vow of secrecy will be lifted after the show airs Thursday.

One hint: The captain says he wiffed on one question that had "Army" as its answer. He was beaten to the buzzer.