The Occupy Colorado Springs protesters filed an appeal Wednesday afternoon challenging Mayor Steve Bach’s refusal to extend a 30-day revocable permit to put up tarp-covered stands on a corner of Acacia Park downtown.

Kristie Wheeler, who applied for the original permit, provided an advance copy of the appeal to The Gazette.

“We are asking City Council to respect our Constitutional Right to peaceably assemble, weigh the case fairly, and overturn the hasty decision and unjust actions of the Mayor,” Wheeler wrote in the appeal letter.

“We ask you to expedite this hearing to the upcoming session in December or to set aside a Special Hearing as soon as possible to accommodate a speedy appeal,” she wrote.

In an interview Tuesday, City Council President Scott Hente said he would schedule a public hearing in January — not December — if the protesters filed an appeal on time.

An appeal had to be filed within 10 days of the mayor’s decision Oct. 20 not to renew the permit.

“We only have one City Council meeting in December, and it won’t be that one because that agenda is all full already, so it’ll be sometime in January if they do file it,” Hente said.

“There is nothing in the city code that says I have to schedule it within X number of days,” he added.

To read the full, unedited text of the appeal letter read The City Desk blog.

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