If senior quarterback Tim Jefferson has spent any time thinking about the quarterback records he might break this season, or if he even knows what the records are, he is doing a great job hiding it.

Nobody would blame Jefferson for at least taking a peek at the record book. There are some pretty impressive records he could break this season. The most impressive feat is that he needs two wins to become Air Force’s all-time leader in wins for a starting quarterback, passing Dee Dowis. But, he is blissfully unaware.

“That just takes work to go look it up,” Jefferson said with some dry humor. “That’s not worth putting forth effort to do.”

With a good season Jefferson also has a chance to finish in the top five all time in passing efficiency and completion percentage, among other accolades. He could also extend his record and become the only service academy player to start four bowl games at quarterback. Nobody else has started more than two.

He acknowledges the records might matter to him some day, but for now he’s concentrating on his job. And so far in camp, he has done that job pretty well.

Jefferson’s camp has gone about as one would expect for a fourth-year starter. He understands the offense at an expert level.

“As sharp as you can get – I feel almost to that point,” Jefferson said about his knowledge of the offense. “I’m sure some point through the season I’ll see something I haven’t seen before.”

Jefferson was very good last season, and he has been very good in camp. There’s no reason to believe he won’t be every bit as productive as most everyone expects this season. Not many surprises there.

“The more you play, when it’s important to you, you’re going to see strides,” Falcons coach Troy Calhoun said. “But I’ll tell you this – when he was a freshman we could tell he had a special composure.”

And perhaps more than any player, Jefferson is ready for camp to be over.

“You get to the point where you just want to play a game,” Jefferson said. “I’m at that point.”

When Jefferson does play he can start moving up the rankings of all-time Air Force quarterbacks. And getting back to those records – wouldn’t the wins record matter a little right away? Jefferson places winning on top of his priority list (“That’s the only thing that matters,” Jefferson said), and if he has done that more than any quarterback who has ever played at Air Force, that should be some reason for celebration, right?

“I don’t think it matters, because it’s a team game,” Jefferson said. “The quarterback doesn’t win the game by himself. So I don’t understand why they keep that stat.”

He doesn’t want to be bothered by any of the talk of his career achievements.

“If it happens, it happens,” Jefferson said. “Somebody will tell me about it, I’m sure.”