One hundred and thirty one years after George and Melvin Sinton founded Sinton Dairy, their name will be disappearing from milk cartons come August.

Lala USA, which bought Sinton in 2009 as part of its purchase of National Dairy, plans to rebrand Sinton and its other regional brands under the Borden name. The name change won’t impact the company’s 185 employees in the state, said Matt Conner, Sinton’s general manager, nor will it change where the milk comes from or anything else about the products.

“The only thing that’s going to change is the logos on our trucks and the sign on the building,” Conner said. “That’s one of the things that we’re going to try to make very clear. It’s still the same Sinton people here, the same quality.”

Conner said Sinton is a strong brand in Southern Colorado, but isn’t as strong in the Denver area as it should be. Having a national brand backed by a national advertising campaign should help the company make inroads there and in other markets, he said.

Dave Csintyan, CEO of the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, said the important thing is that the jobs would be kept in the area, but that it’s sad to lose the Sinton name.

“It’s kind of like an old friend saying goodbye,” he said.

The Sinton brothers were just teenagers in 1880 when they began selling milk for 10 cents a quart from their herd of a dozen red cows. The dairy now produces more than 220 million pounds of milk, 9 million pounds of cottage cheese and 3 million pounds of sour cream a year.

Matt Mayberry, cultural services manager for the City of Colorado Springs, said Sinton is among the oldest continually operating businesses in the city. Colorado Springs was once home to many dairies, Mayberry said, partly due to the city’s popularity as a health destination for tuberculosis patients, who were encouraged to drink whole milk to keep on weight.

“There were dozens of dairies in the Pikes Peak region,” Mayberry said. “Sinton ended up buying most of them up or out-competing them.”

Milk will be the first product to make the change to the Borden brand, with the Sinton name staying with other dairy products until sometime in 2012, Conner said.

After that, well, the dairy will still be located on Sinton Road.