The man who wants to build a giant pyramid on top of Pikes Peak is asking to meet with Denver mayoral candidate and fellow UFO enthusiast Jeff Peckman.

Phil Hill, who is known as “UFO Phil”, is pushing for a pyramid on top of Pikes Peak to become a UFO refueling station. He sent out a press release over the weekend, saying he wants to talk to Peckman about his idea and whether as mayor he would support and help build the 485-foot edifice.

Peckman, who is one of the 10 candidates for Denver mayor on the May 3 ballot, said he has not yet talked with “UFO Phil” about the idea.

“We haven’t really discussed it,” Peckman said. “I really don’t know what he is up to. I don’t see it being immediately relevant to what I am attempting to accomplish in my campaign.”

But Peckman didn’t immediately discount the pyramid idea. “It’s always useful for people to look at all of these things in an unbounded way,” he said.

“You don’t know what that unbounded perspective may produce as a side benefit,” Peckman said.

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