The race for mayor of Colorado Springs is down to eight candidates.

Phil McDonald, a former city employee who now owns and operates a uniform shop, said he's dropping out of the race and endorsing Steve Bach.

"His views are very similar to mine. We agree on almost everything," McDonald said.

McDonald said he dropped out because he realized he wasn't going to win and that he wants a fellow conservative as mayor.

"I know the ballots have already been printed, but I didn't want to do this after the ballots go out," he said.

McDonald said he approached Bach and offered his endorsement.

"This is 110 percent my decision," he said.

"This kind of took Steve off balance a little bit. He didn't expect it, I don't think. He's very flattered, he's very honored," McDonald said.

"I have not been promised anything. There's no jobs. There's nothing behind the scenes," he added. "I'm going to go right back to running my business."

McDonald is making a formal announcement at noon Thursday in front of City Hall, 107 N. Nevada Ave.