The Colorado Spring Police Department’s bomb squad on Monday removed and detonated a live grenade that had been found on the east shore of Prospect Lake.

The Regional Explosives Unit was called to the park about 10 a.m. Monday after a person reported finding what appeared to be a grenade, said Sgt. Steve Noblitt, police spokesman.

The military-style hand grenade was “live,” wrapped in duct tape and had been modified “slightly,” Noblitt said.

He wouldn't explain what modifications were made to the explosive. He also did not say whether police suspect the device came from any local military bases, or the age of the device.

Had it detonated, the grenade would have posed a danger to anyone within 5 meters, Noblitt said.

"It did pose a threat to the public and we're glad we got to it when we did," Noblitt said.

The bomb squad removed the grenade and detonated it in a safe location. The squad is now trying to reconstruct the grenade to look for evidence about who left it there.

"We're certainly going to keep investigating this," Noblitt said.

Military ordnance is found occasionally around the region, usually from training decades ago. Handling it is always considered risky, although rarely are the artillery shells or other ordnance live or capable of exploding on their own.

Anyone with information on how the grenade ended up near Prospect Lake can call the Colorado Springs Police Department at 444-7000 or Crime Stoppers at 634-7867.