An Air Force Academy graduate has offered $2 million to help build the school’s planned $40 million Center for Character and Leadership Development.

Paul Kaminski, a 1964 graduate who now runs the high-powered aerospace consulting firm Technovation, offered the money as his most-recent gift to the academy.

Kaminski served in the Air Force for 20 years, overseeing stealth programs before retiring to a civilian career that saw him hold top positions with several defense and technology companies. He also served as undersecretary of defense for acquisition and technology for the Clinton administration.

Kaminiski also sits on a committee that oversees the academy’s endowment fund.

“This center serves the highest aspirations of the academy,” Kaminski said in a news release announcing his donation.

The building, planned for a site near Harmon Hall on the west side of the campus, will house programs aimed at teaching cadets about ethics, honor, and character.

The Air Force is paying for about $30 million of the construction costs with $10 million in donations covering the rest. So far, donors have pledged $4.1 million for the project.

“The most prominent feature of the new facility is the vertical compass, a skylight that projects from the roof of the building at a 39-degree angle,” the academy says on its website. “It points toward Polaris as reminder of the Center’s roots in the Academy’s unchanging core values.”