Without ever mentioning the Denver Broncos, Air Force coach Troy Calhoun seemed to turn down any potential advances from the NFL team with a statement this morning and, in effect, took his name out of the running for their head-coaching job.

He said he is committed to the Air Force in “2011 and beyond.” The Broncos have a job opening, but Calhoun doesn’t appear interested in taking it, the strongest statement possible about his long-term future with the academy.

“The Air Force Academy has tremendous General officers and staff members who are remarkably dedicated to the development of our cadets,” Calhoun said in the statement. “It's inspiring that an 18-year-old kid makes a commitment to embed the necessary character traits to grow into a fine young man or woman who honorably serves for at least five years. Our coaching staff and our families are proud to be a part of the daily lives of our nation's future officers. We certainly look forward to seeing our seniors graduate in May along with coaching the Falcons in 2011 and beyond.”

The news that Calhoun will stay with Air Force indefinitely is a major coup for the academy, which has gone to four bowls under Calhoun’s watch.

“Naturally, we are exceptionally happy that Troy is continuing his commitment to the Academy, our program and to our cadet-athletes,” athletics director Hans Mueh said in a statement. “We love what he stands for, his leadership, passion for the Academy and the tireless work ethic he and his staff display as they prepare our cadet-athletes to be future leaders for this country.”

In a text message this morning, Calhoun explained his decision.

“It’s a commitment,” Calhoun said. “If a 19-year-old can do it, then a 40-year-old coach definitely can.”