Below is the e-mail sent by Steve Schuck to state Sen. Bill Cadman and other ranking Republicans, regarding state Sen. Kent Lambert's plan to introduce an Arizona-style immigration bill in Janurary


Pursuant to our discussion over the weekend, and prior to your departure for dc, can you pls get your caucus members to table their individual agendas and focus totally on the damned economy?

Kent is a great guy, but making headlines by coming out of the chute with an immigration bill as our initial, signature effort appears to evidence some serious tone deafness. His bill is probably spot on, but everything, absolutely everything, should be subordinated to rebuilding the economy and we repubs should own the issue. We should not allow for distractions. How about this session being defined now, in the next week or so, by our own economic development program, with principles, practices, legislation, etc that has total, unanimous support from caucuses in both houses, accompanied by a loud, clear, unambiguous commitment from all members stating that they will defer all other concerns until a job creating agenda is adopted? This is the type of leadership the citizens expect and want, and they will reward whoever provides it. Let’s not defer to the governor and his union friends to take control of this opportunity and screw it up.

Does this make as much sense to you guys as it does to so many of the rest of us?

Thx, and have a super trip

Best to all the cadmen