A report from the national Center for Education Reform has given Colorado a B grade for its charter school law.

It's not too bad, considering 29 other states received a C or lower because of the weakness of the laws. Colorado was sixth in the ranking behind Washington, D.C. Minnesota, California, Arizona and Michigan. The report lauded the first three because the laws promote growth of the charters.

Presently there are 5,400 charter schools in the U.S. Colorado has 581 schools. The report lauded the state for funding, teacher freedom, and district autonomy.

Jean Allen, president of the non-profit school advocacy Center, stated, "Thousands of newly elected state lawmakers are poised to step into positions. It's critical that they know that despite media hype and federal incentives created in the last year, quality schooling opportunities are only available in half of all states."

To see the ranking and scorecard visit www.edreform.com.