The open school board seat in Falcon School District 49 will not remain empty much longer. Board President David Martin said recently that he expects to appoint the new member at the Nov. 11 meeting.

The opening was created when board President Danielle Lindorf resigned in July to move with her family to another state. The appointed member will serve until the 2011 election.

Colorado law addresses board vacancies, but it does not set rules as to how long a board seat can remain vacant. Once a board fails to vote on a member within 60 days after the vacancy is officially acknowledged, it falls to the board president to make the appointment.

In August, eight candidates were interviewed for the position but the board took no further action.

Martin is not obligated to select the new member from the candidates interviewed.

“We’ve been able to work so well together that we wanted to make sure we had someone to fit,” board Secretary Tammy Harold said.

The board has been criticized in the past for not taking enough time to fill board vacancies. Harold said she has not heard of concerns from residents about how long the process is taking, but they have said they want the fifth board member to fill the gap in knowledge and experience represented on the board.

“I don’t think there was an expectation either way,” Martin said. “We all want to fill it.”
Martin said he didn’t want to pick someone only he liked, so he has spent time in recent weeks speaking with other board members.

“I think the new person will enhance the board and the district,” Harold said.
District 49, with 14,400 students last year, is one of the fastest-growing in the state.

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