DETROIT (AP) - General Motors says the Chevrolet Volt electric car may be delayed by a couple of weeks.

Production begins in November and the car had earlier been slated to go on sale that month in California, New York and Washington. But GM spokesman Randy Fox said Tuesday GM wants to make sure everything is right and may delay the launch until December.

Also Tuesday, GM and two Michigan utility companies pledged to install a total of 5,300 electric vehicle charging stations at homes and businesses across Michigan. The Volt goes on sale in Michigan next year.

GM said DTE Energy and Consumers Energy each will install 2,500 stations in about 18 months. Local governments will also install some stations. The 240-volt outlets will allow owners to recharge the cars in about four hours.

GM says the Volt can go 25 to 50 miles on battery power before a small gas engine kicks in to generate electricity and run the car.

The utilities will cover the $2,500 cost of the charging boxes and installation.

GM announced the plan at an electric car conference in Detroit.