Focus on the Family founder James Dobson and his wife planned to address the Washington, D.C., tea party rally by video Saturday.

Dobson and his wife, Shirley, were invited to the rally by TV and radio Glenn Beck. The Dobsons said they would be in California on Saturday celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

The four-minute video also was available on the website for Dobson’s radio show. In it, Shirley Dobson praises Beck, saying he “has worked tirelessly to draw this great nation back to its spiritual and historic roots.”

The couple thanks the crowd for attending the rally, with James Dobson noting, “I’ve never seen a period in my lifetime in which everything I’ve believed in and fought for has been under such unrelenting attack.”

He goes on to specify that he sees the sanctity of human life, traditional marriage and religious liberty as under threat.

Dobson ends the video by leading a prayer.