That thieves saw the $26,000 bronze sculpture of his daughter as just a hunk of metal to be salvaged for $134.40 disgusts Allen Brown.

“That’s my daughter when she was young,” says Brown, co-owner of Coldwell Banker in Woodland Park. “Now, she’s 20. ... It’s insured. It’s not about the money. It’s an emotional thing.”

Woodland Park Police say the sculpture of a girl, a dog and a wagon that was part of Brown’s sculpture garden in front of the Coldwell Banker building was stolen earlier this week. It was apparently damaged in the removal, and the girl and dog portion of it sold to a scrap yard.

Brown is working with the artist, Mike Halterman of Victor, to fix the sculpture.

“I can cast and replace anything,” Halterman said Friday. “But it’s a shame we have to go through that. ... It was a lot of work. It’s all hand-fabricated. I spent six month on the project. I used my dog as a model.”

Halterman, who has several outdoor bronzes throughout Colorado, says this is the first one that’s been vandalized.

“They must have used a truck to get it out,” he said. “It was cemented in there pretty good.”

Police say they have no suspects in the case.