The Colorado Springs Police bomb squad will use a robot to detonate hundreds of old blasting caps a resident brought to the department's headquarters this morning.

The 400 30-year-old blasting caps were found by a man helping a friend in his 80s clean out his Golden home, police spokesman Sgt. Darrin Abbink said. The man who brought the blasting caps to the headquarters is a Springs resident.

There was no danger of the blasting caps being set off in the building at 705 S. Nevada Ave., but Abbink stressed that people who find potentially explosive devices should not try to move them or bring them to police headquarters. The department headquarters will accept handgun ammunition, but asks that people call the department to come investigate any larger ammunition, weapons or explosives, Abbink said.

The building was not evacuated, but police barred some of the entrances and the parking lot while the explosives were removed from the parking lot, keeping people in the lobby for more than an hour. The blasting caps were transported in a secure vehicle to a designated detonation site for disposal.

Police had not looked in the box, but Abbink said they did not think the caps were leaking.

Blasting caps are used in mining operations, which were prevalent in the past throughout the Pikes Peak region. They are also used in detonations, and can be legally owned by people in those industries. Abbink said the police will investigate the origin of the caps at a later date.