It is all about empowering women and girls, said Women's Resource Agency Executive Director Melissa Marts as the nonprofit's supporters gathered for breakfast recently to learn about the programs available and to hear success stories.

Tammy Cooper shared how she had risen from WRA client when her husband died at age 31 to being selected the new chairman of the board.

There are volunteer slots available in Intercept Too, the character-building program for girls 14-19; Career Readiness Boot Camp; computer classes and lab; and Suit Up for Success where women in WRA training choose a professional outfit to wear as they seek employment.

How important is everyone working together? The focus quote from the morning's video:

"There are women everywhere with fragments

When we learn to come together we are whole"

- "Daughters of Copper Woman" by Anne Cameron

Planners of the WRA fundraiser were: Pamela Abrams, Kathleen Saltmarsh Voss, Lynda Cink, Leslie McGinn, Shely Saidman, Kelli Holt, Cheryl Kirby and Christine Randano.