It was two busy days of seminars and meetings for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Assembly on Oct. 10-11, but there was time for relaxation at an evening reception at the Garden of the Gods Club.

The more than 400 sports organization leaders, representatives of convention and visitors bureaus from across the country, athletes and the leadership of the United States Olympic Committee had time to visit as they were treated to a gourmet buffet. One room was set aside for dessert delicacies, including Russian Sochi matryoshka doll lollipop cakes.

On the patio of the club, overlooking Kissing Camels in Garden of the Gods, guests tried out a dry-land version of curling as they slid stones toward a bull's-eye.

Reception attendees looked out across the mountains toward the areas devastated by the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires. The USOC had announced it would forego souvenirs and swag bags, opting instead to donate 3,000 trees for the rebuilding work in those areas.