The Chancellor's Leadership Class' 2012-13 graduates are living up to University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak's belief that it's important for scholars to be advocates for their communities. Undergraduates chosen are not only mentored in leadership development, they contribute thousands of hours of community service.

The selective program has taken a new turn, thanks to the example set by standout Wayne Caudill, a Army combat medic veteran who served in Iraq. Caudill signed up for college when he returned and chose UCCS specifically for the leadership class.

"This program took a young, alcoholic, completely lost individual and has given him something that's worthy to be called the Student Leader of the Year," said Caudill, a married father who also was chosen as Colorado Leadership Alliance Student Leader of the Year.

CLC program director Kristi Kremers announced at the Boots and Stars End of Year Celebration that the program will now fund two veterans in the program each year. Scholarship help came from Colorado Springs Rotary Club.

Spring CLC graduates: Austin Bowman, Allison Buck, Patrick Hayes, Drew Johnson, David Jorgens, Cynthia Ortega, Ciara Peratt, Philip Ramsay. Fall 2012 graduates were Bret Eckelberry, Morgan Pinto and Joey Ruffini