It was unbelievable wildfire deja vu. Last summer Care and Share Food Bank executive director Lynne Telford was celebrating a successful Taste of the Springs, which raised funds to feed thousands of the hungry in southern Colorado, including Colorado Springs.

It was June 10, 2012. On June 26, fire poured into Mountain Shadows, turning 347 homes into cinders, leaving hundreds of people temporarily homeless and killing two residents.

The outpouring of support for Care and Share from the community was incredible: Well over a million pounds of food was donated to the victims of the Waldo Canyon fire.

On June 9, 2013, a crowd of 400 was on hand at the Care and Share warehouse to enjoy an afternoon of gourmet nibbles prepared by top chefs and caterers, select wine, frozen chai drinks and microbrews at the 2013 Taste of the Springs benefit. Two days later, June 11, fire struck Black Forest, destroying 511 homes and leaving two residents dead. It was beyond any comprehension.

Calls to the food bank from volunteers, businesses and organizations began on the day of the fire and the support continues. More than 250 people have been there to gather, separate and stack food, do any warehouse job needed and help with transportation. More than 1,400 people have needed food assistance in Black Forest, Ca?n City and southern Colorado.

"We are so grateful we have jobs where we see the best in people," Telford said.

Funds raised through events like Taste of the Springs support everyday hunger. Donations to the fire victims are event specific and are beyond what's needed for those regular needs, such as weekend backpacks of food for families, Telford said.

This community is always there to help, she said. "They turn out for fun and they turn out when there's a disaster."

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