A small clinic has quietly saved the health system millions of dollars.

Celebrating its good news at a "Sowing Seeds of Health & Hope Breakfast" May 9 at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Executive Director Barb Cronin said Mission Medical Clinic has saved the community $2.3 million by treating people who would otherwise have gone to emergency rooms with non-life-threatening problems.

The clinic serves 600 low-income patients without health insurance each year through free integrated care, which treats body, mind and spirit, Cronin explained. "They are good people facing bad times and insurance for their families is out of reach."

Mission Medical, which utilizes private funds and 290 volunteers, many medical, dispensed $1.7 million in needed medications provided by the pharmaceutical companies at no charge.

Table captains at the benefit: Bonnie and Paul Angotti, Ray Avischious, Joy Boland, Jennifer Bond, Dan Cronin, Reggie Graham, Chris Hampton, Judy Hodges, Logan Hargrove, Teri Huff, Bob Johnson, Dr. Robin Johnson, Nancy Lippincott, Synthia Morris, Dr. Al Munson, David Peterson, P.K. Pettimermet, Steve Schmalz, Michael Scialdone, Lynn Smith and Cynthia Wacker.