Summoning up the decadently glamorous world of Jay Gatsby, the Friends of the Manitou Springs Library along with the Friends of the Pikes Peak Library District wore their "Great Gatsby" best to an appropriate setting, Briarhurst Manor Estate, for "A Novel Evening" on Feb. 28.

It was the latest in a series of fundraisers to fill the nest egg for the someday expansion of the town's 1910 Carnegie Library, where F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel always has a place on the shelf.

In true Gatsby fashion, Manitou was once a fashionable resort. There were elegant social gatherings, castles, pearls and satin and tourists longing for magical mineral waters. And Manitou Springs had a teeny library in a church, until the town became the site of one of millionaire Andrew Carnegie's 2,800 library buildings. Now the busy library has growing pains.

Paula Miller, executive director of the Pikes Peak Library District, told partygoers the board is looking at this library's growth potentially as part of PPLD's future plans.

Meanwhile, as Fitzgerald said, it's "time to drink champagne and dance on the table" to help make it happen.