The unmistakable, color-splashed sports serigraphs of the late artist LeRoy Neiman are closely tied to the Olympics, and, indeed, he was the official artist for five Olympiads: 1972, 1976, 1980 and two in 1984.

Representatives of the New York City-based LeRoy Neiman Foundation were introduced at a reception May 8 at the Olympic Training Center/Visitor Center where they announced a donation of eight serigraphs to the USOC permanent collection.

It was the perfect opportunity for USOC archivist and historic steward Teri Hedgpeth to coordinate displays of artifacts from each of the Olympics depicted in the prints with the new art. The exhibit is in place in time for the summer tourist season and has been installed along the main, window-lined Visitor Center hallway leading to the Olympic Hall of Fame room.

Presenting the gift were Steven Bond, president/executive director of the LeRoy Neiman Foundation, and Tara Zabor, the foundation's director of operations.