Singer/songwriter Joe Uveges posed a lyrical question: "Have You Ever Been ..." Hungry? Lonely? Homeless?

The audience was silent as he performed for "Faces of Poverty," the annual Ecumenical Social Ministries' luncheon, on Oct. 3.

His words were a match for Anita Thompson's featured storytelling of "Living the Story," a close look at those who are homeless or indigent but who fit no stereotype. They were described by the Rev. Benjamin Broadbent as, among others, those who are homeless only because they are losing their homes; those who have medical issues; and those who can't find consistent work.

Founded in 1982 by eight downtown churches, ESM helps people toward self-sufficiency as it restores personal dignity. One way, it was pointed out as an example, was a community drive by Men's Warehouse. Area residents donated enough suits and professional work clothes to serve 169 job-seeking clients.