On Dec. 7, two men walked out of a class at the Colorado Springs Senior Center and noticed a group of woman at a luncheon. They asked what the group was. "Barbaras." What? It's a roomful of women named Barbara, they were told.

Puzzled, they shook their heads and walked out to their cars, not knowing it was Saint Barbara's Feast Day weekend. Indeed, with just three exceptions (a Donnis, a Linda taking photosand a Jan), it was a sisterhood of Barbaras.

The local membership numbers 169. The youngest Barbara is 11 and topping the list is a 95-year-old.

Jan Caffrey shared the history of being selected into the Order of Saint Barbara, an honorary military society named for the patron saint of the U.S. Army Field Artillery and the Army Air Defense Artillery. Donnis Martin from Partners in Housing was a guest who explained her nonprofit's work of helping women toward self-sufficiency. Partners in Housing was chosen for its work with women and children to receive the Barbaras' annual donation check.