Friday's tragic school shooting at Arapahoe High School sent shock waves throughout the state, certainly putting sports and activities in their proper place as authorities continued to search for answers, and students and staff grieved and collected their thoughts.

"We're not playing; they have a lot more important things that we're dealing with," said Dakota Ridge boys' basketball coach Curi Yutzy, whose team was scheduled to play at the Centennial school Friday night. "It obviously puts an awful lot of things in perspective. We'll figure out a time to reschedule, and when that time is right for Arapahoe."

In the Pikes Peak region, athletic directors agreed that sports would take a backseat during a life-altering crisis.

"There is no rule on if we would postpone events if something like that happened here, but you just apply common sense," Cheyenne Mountain athletic director Kris Roberts said. "If they were on our schedule, we'd honor their wishes. Some look for normalcy, but others think it's best to shut it down."

Requests to speak to athletic directors in Colorado Springs School District 11 were routed to district spokeswoman Devra Ashby. She, too, put such decisions to play or not to play on a case-by-case basis.

"There's no written policy when things like this happen," Ashby said. "With any crisis comes the aftermath, and you can't anticipate everything that comes along. It would be up to the athletic directors to make that decision.

Rampart athletic director Andy Parks, in New Orleans at a conference, heard about the news later Friday afternoon, at which time the Colorado Springs Police Department put school resource officers on heightened alert as a precautionary measure.

"If this were to happen here, we'd rely heavily on security," Parks said. "We've got to make the best decisions and let them influence what we do. As far as playing or not, we're always taking the best interest of our students in what we do."

The Gazette was not aware of any area prep games being postponed or canceled because of the shooting.