If Anthony LaCoste was indeed rusty, it took all of two carries to get it out of his system.

The Air Force senior tailback was bottled up for just 5 yards over his first two attempts as he returned to regular action in the backfield for the first time since playing defense last year, and really since his eye-popping 6,422-yard career as a high school runner in Oregon.

"We just shook it off and were just like, 'Guys, what are we doing? We can play faster than this, we can play better than this. Let's go,'" LaCoste said.

LaCoste's next run went for 18 yards and his final nine carries were good for 72 yards.

The performance wasn't the headline grabber that fellow running backs Jon Lee (130 yards, two touchdowns) and Broam Hart (101 yards, two touchdowns) enjoyed, but LaCoste's performance kept him very much in the race for regular touches at tailback and, if nothing else, showed he can provide a quick burst in spots.

Now that Air Force is facing uncertainty at the quarterback position and plans to open up the passing game might be holstered a bit, that backfield depth might prove crucial.

"We definitely have a little more versatility this year," LaCoste said. "But we still have great backs, great line, you're still going to see a lot of running from us."