To Moshood Adeniji, there's nothing like the instant gratification of run blocking. And he's happy to have it back.

Air Force ran 51 times for 386 of its 453 yards in a 45-42 loss at Nevada last week. And while running remained central to the Falcons through their dalliance with a passing offense at times this season, it leapt back into the forefront as Karson Roberts instantly emerged as an option-style quarterback.

Adeniji couldn't be happier about the change.

"As soon as a guy passes you, you know you did your job," the senior said. "Pass plays, you don't know. You don't know who's open, you just see the ball go in the air and you're just hoping to God that it gets caught."

Adeniji has helped pave the way for a rushing offense that ranks eighth in the nation at 296 yards per game. The Falcons' 15 rushing touchdowns rank behind only Oregon, Boise State and Minnesota.

Adeniji is a first-generation American from a Nigerian family and plans to go to medical school after graduation.

Right now, he's just hoping the team can build on its primary strength. He feels like that's what will happen with Roberts under center.

"This past game was very enjoyable the way it was being called," Adeniji said. "Hopefully it will be this way, with running downhill. It's nice to be hitting some people."