I asked offensive coordinator Mike Thiessen what stood out to him from Saturday’s scrimmage after having an opportunity to study the film.

Here's what he had to say:

I thought our quarterbacks played well. Nate had that situation in the end zone (a fumbled exchange resulting in a safety), but I thought he handled the ball well and played pretty fast.

I thought Matt Gallant (junior Z-receiver) was a guy who kind of flashed. He made some big catches and broke a couple tackles.

We played pretty good up front. We had some good zone plays where we’re coming off the ball and hitting some guys collectively as a group up front. We’ve tried to simplify things a little bit on offense to where those guys can get really good at a number of things instead of just average at a lot of things. I think the result of that allows us to play faster and be more confident in who we are, more aggressive. You watch those guys come off the ball and they’re off the ball a lot faster than they had been in the past.