Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman's postgame rant after Sunday's NFC championship victory over San Francisco accomplished at least one thing.

It convinced Air Force hockey coach Frank Serratore who not to root for in Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2 in New Jersey.

"Going into the game, I didn't know who I would be rooting for, but now I know who I am rooting against," he said after imitating the tirade to start his Monday press conference. "I cannot imagine he does not want a redo on that."

In case you hadn't heard, Sherman said, "I'm the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like (49ers' Michael) Crabtree, that's the result you gonna get. Don't you ever talk about me. ... Don't you open your mouth about the best or I'm gonna shut it for you real quick."

Video: Seahawks' Richard Sherman verbally blasts 49ers wide receiver

In one postgame interview, he elaborated, calling Crabtree "a mediocre receiver" and saying "I would never let him catch a game-winner on me." Sherman accused Crabtree of saying something personal to him as they trained in the offseason and that "he knows what he said."

Sherman has since apologized for attacking another player and taking attention away from his team. His Seahawks play the Denver Broncos in the NFL championship game.

Air Force players chuckled when asked how Serratore would respond if they did such a thing.

"I don't think we would see much ice time," said injured goalie Jason Torf, who skated without pads before Monday's practice. It was his first time on the ice in three weeks as he work on regaining his strength in his healing right groin muscle. "If Frank did say something, it wouldn't be positive and it would probably be profane."

Serratore said he would be displeased, although he admitted it would be easier to handle after winning an NCAA regional to qualify for the Frozen Four for the first time.

"If you're (Seattle coach) Pete Carroll, it is a nice problem to have," Serratore said.