By saying absolutely nothing, Air Force hockey coach Frank Serratore was able to offer a bit of social commentary.

Serratore keeps in tune enough with national sports stories that he launched into a full Richard Sherman impersonation at his weekly press conference three weeks ago.

On Monday, when Serratore was asked for an opinion on the circumstances surrounding the coming out of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam - who stands to be the first openly gay athlete to compete in one of America's four major professional sports after being named the SEC Defensive Player of the Year - he didn't know about the story.

"Respectfully, I just don't know anything about that one," Serratore said.

My, how far this topic has come. What would have been such a bombshell in recent decades didn't even make a loud enough noise to reach a self-described sports junkie like Serratore.

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It did reach basketball coach Dave Pilipovich, and what he found most interesting about the story is that Sam came out to his teammates in August, yet the story didn't break nationally until Sam brought it to light Sunday.

Pilipovich would like to believe the situation would have been the same had Sam played at a service academy.

"I would hope it would be the same everywhere that young adults can be mature enough to respect individuals and what they believe in and what they do," Pilipovich said. "You would hope locker rooms would be the same.

"I thought the Missouri football team was pretty neat the way they rallied around a teammate who was obviously a very good player but also lived his lifestyle a little different," Pilipovich added. "As I was told a long time ago, different is not right or wrong, different is just different."