A man suspected of kidnapping and sexually assaulting another man on April 14 allegedly forced his victim to take drugs and drink alcohol while they drove around and sat in a car together for more than 12 hours, according to court documents.

The victim, a convenience store employee, was leaving work on Garden of the Gods Road when he ran into the suspect, Justin Jay Hatfield, 38, a customer from earlier that night, court documents state. The victim had agreed to give Hatfield a ride to his car, police said.

After driving several blocks the victim became suspicious, he told police. When the victim asked where they were going, Hatfield allegedly became angry and told him to "shut up and keep driving," according to court documents.

Hatfield allegedly told him to pull off at Upper Gold Camp Road in an empty parking lot, where the victim told investigators he tried to escape after seeing a cop. Hatfield allegedly locked the doors of the car and grabbed the victim's arm to prevent him from leaving, court documents said.

The victim also told investigators that Hatfield acted erratically, seemed to have two personalities, questioned him about his sex life and read from a book he pulled out of his backpack.

According to court documents, the victim told police that he offered to give Hatfield all the money he had on him, plus the keys to his car, in exchange for his escape, but Hatfield declined.

The victim told police told Hatfield he needed something to drink and was able to escape after jumping from the car and screaming for help near 19th Street and Uintah.

Hatfield remained in the El Paso County jail Monday night.