It's not a gag play when Sam Gagliano pulls up to pass.

The junior receiver has connected on both of his attempts this season for completions of 39 and 23 yards, and he's looked natural doing it.

"He does have a good arm," coach Troy Calhoun said. "I tell you what, the throw he made (against San Diego State) was pretty darn impressive. He was catching a wide sweep, he had to step back inside a blocker that showed up outside and still was able to fire the ball probably 40 yards downfield. It was a good play.

"And don't think he doesn't remind us of that, too."

Gagliano's only experience at quarterback came in wildcat looks in high school, but he's certainly open to giving it a try if the Falcons want him there. He certainly has the speed, as evidenced by 334 yards on 24 touches on offense. And with that arm ... well?

"I kind of want to, to be honest," Gagliano said. "But I'm going to play what coach needs me to play and right now he wants me at receiver."