Stewie, the kitten who became a celebrity after being rescued from a home where another cat was killed, is ready for adoption.

Those wanting a chance to make Stewie a part of their family can get an application from the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

The application will be available online at noon Wednesday at Applications are due before 10 a.m. on April 7. Valid applications will go into a pool, and a drawing will be held. There are numerous questions on the application, including household size, how many other pets are in the family and if the applicant has ever had a cat.

"We want to know what a day in the life of the household would be for Stewie," said Gretchen Pressley, Humane Society spokeswoman.

She said the Humane Society also will check to ensure that the applicant is not on a list of those deemed ineligible to adopt because of various past issues.

A June trial date has been set for Robert Heckmann, of Pueblo West, who allegedly drowned and strangled another cat where Stewie was living.

Pueblo judge rejects plea agreement for accused cat killer

The Humane Society has already had numerous calls about adopting Stewie, who had surgery to correct a malformed esophagus. He has been staying with a foster family.

For those who aren't chosen to adopt Stewie, there is good news: The Humane Society has 40 other cats who need a good home. The adoption fee for Stewie will be $68, and that includes microchip, neutering, a voucher for vet exam and 30 days of health insurance. All the cats at the shelter come with that bonus package.

The cost for adoption has not been increased for Stewie even though he is somewhat famous.

"It's the going rate for cats. We want him to go to a great home, so price was not a factor. We just want to make sure he has a good home," Pressley said.