Farley and David McDonough, owners of Adam's Mountain Cafe 934 Manitou Ave. in Manitou Springs need to move from their flood-plain restaurant location.

Joseph Freyre, owner of Joseph's Fine Dining, 1606 S. 8th St., and the Manitou Pancake and Steak House, 26 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs would like to sell his pancake house property.

So a deal may be in the making to make both parties winners. But nothing is carved in stone.

"We are looking at the Manitou Pancake and Steak House but there a lot of hurdles so I had no

intention of saying anything until we were sure because as you know, uncertainty can be dangerous in this

business," she emailed. However it is too late now to keep it under wraps, so, we are seriously looking at that building to purchase. We want to stay in Manitou and it is a great location for us located between Crystal Hills, Crystal Park, Cedar Heights and 'The Vias.'"

Talks have begun.

"She made us a decent offer for the building that we couldn't resist," Freyre said. "She needed to move. With the flooding that is suppose to continue for 10 years she needed to get out of that place. But the deal is still in the works."

Why would Freyre want to back out of a business that has proven to be a cash cow?

"My brother is ready to retire," he said. "He runs that restaurant and I run Joseph's. I couldn't do both. We've had the pancake house for 13 years. It was time."

The plan is to close on the deal in Jan. and McDonough hopes to open in April according to Freyre.

"She has a lot of work to do to meet her needs," he said. "It was fine for us. For our needs. But she wants a different look."

Besides the location there are other positives for the McDonoughs' to take over the pancake place.

"We wouldn't have to deal with the parking meters which have taken quite a toll on our breakfast

business," she emailed. "There is an enormous kitchen so we could expand in areas like

catering and cooking classes where we are so restricted currently."

But Adam's has always has such a homey, down-to-earth feeling. How will that translate in the pancake house?

"It would be all Adam's but fresh," she said. "What I mean is when you are a 28 year old restaurant you risk falling behind. So many of the Adam's features will stay like the antique tables and light fixtures. But we will freshen up the paint choices and design elements. We anticipate being down for only one week and back to business by April 15."

How about the menu?

"The menu will remain the same but we could expand it as well," she said. Our lease at the Spa is not up until

April and we intend on operating up until then," she said.

Again she hedges: "As I said there are a number of contingencies and hurdles to get through along the way and I fear confusion among our patrons as to whether or not both businesses are open."

For the record, both Manitou Pancake and Steak House and Adam's Mountain Caf?will remain fully operational until when and if Adam's completes the terms of agreement to buy the pancake house.