A 24-year-old arrested for peeking at college women showering entered the Colorado College dormitory by following other students through secure entrances and onto an access restricted elevator.

Andrew James Browning told police he was just "being ... stupid" when he was confronted about two incidents in Loomis Hall where victims said they caught a man in the women's bathroom.

According to the Colorado Springs police affidavit, a female victim was showering in a Loomis Hall bathroom on Sept. 28 when she noticed someone was looking through a crack in the stall door at her. The suspect left the bathroom.

Later that same day a man walked into a dorm room, picked up a laptop computer and attempted to walk out with it until a student who was still in the room confronted him about it. The affidavit said the suspect put the computer back on the table and left.

The next day another man was caught holding a phone above a shower stall in Loomis Hall while a female victim was showering. Once again the suspect left when he was confronted.

Police reviewed surveillance cameras from the dorm and found images of a suspect who matched the descriptions of witnesses. Then an anonymous tip led investigators to the Facebook page of Browning who matched the description.

Browning was arrested on charges of felony burglary and criminal trespass and misdemeanor of invasion of privacy and criminal trespass.